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Development and promotion of a campaign with Yandex.Direc

What you get:

  • When the cost of switching to your site decreases, the number of conversions increases, the number of calls and calls becomes even greater.
    Yes. It's possible!
    configured advertising campaign;
  • Selected key queries;
  • Your ads are always on top;
  • The cost of a click is lower due to quality campaign settings;
  • The maximum effect of the investment.

The main advantages of a properly configured contextual advertising:

  • Building of a target audience, in other words those users who need your services/products, and they are not just «fans to go to the websites»;
  • There is an ability to create a target audience with the help of Targeting - a special mechanism that allocates from the existing audience specifically that part, which corresponds to the established criteria of your Business, and show your brand to her. . It is a method to distribute advertising in a particular location or at fixed times of the day.
    Consequently, the probability that the information will be as relevant as possible and will lead to an increase in the customer base is very high.
  • Fixed budget. The amount of money is negotiated with the advertiser, and the list of services is within the limits of the sum.
  • Quick response. As practice shows, website promotion through Yandex.Direct allows you to increase traffic and expand the range of users instantly. This method is characterized by a rapid increase in attendance.

It is profitable to launch SEO promotion and Yandex.Direct, simultaneously, since ad campaign of Yandex.Direct repay investment made in SEO.


  • Text & Image ads is a universal solution. It provides ads in search results and YAN;
  • Image ads tell about your service/product with an image. It provides ads in search results and YAN;
  • Ads for Mobile Apps promote apps for iOS and Android;
  • Dynamic ads are for campaigns involving a large number of key queries. Yandex.Direct will analyze web pages or feed and create necessary ads. It is very useful for Internet-shops with a large number of items;
  • Smart banners are display ads. Pay-per-click. Such ads are automatically and regularly updated and draw user’s attention;
  • Search banner is a display ads on a pay-per-click basis;
  • Display campaigns. Pay for impressions. Ads are served on desktops and mobile devices.

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