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SEO promotion of a website in Yandex and Googl

We bring your site to the top 5 search engines

Responding to a particular Internet search, first of all, a search engine is focused on finding links to those sites that have a higher rating among competitors. SEO promotion helps to increase a position on the list


What does the SEO service include:

  • Selection of We select specifically those requests that your customers request from search engines. Statistics gives us data on the number of requests per month in a given region, shows the popularity of keywords by season. key queries from Yandex statistics;
  • Development of a unique site structure. A user needs not only to find necessary information quickly and easily, but also to be interested in original design;
  • Competent design and proper content placement on pages;
  • Acceleration of page loads and server operation;
  • Creation and placement of a unique content.
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What does a client receive:

  • High web traffic;
  • Increasing brand awareness;
  • Attracting customers;
  • Increasing sales of goods and services.

All the websites by Webstyle are ready for promotion

Developing a new project for our client, we do it with:

  • high performance;
  • convenience;
  • mobile version;
  • remarkably unique content;
  • written key requests;
  • optimized page titles;
  • С A site map is a file in which all pages of the site are registered. To it in the search robot addresses for replenishment of base.
    We automate the process of generating this file, so that our Client does not add new pages independently. This greatly speeds up the entry of new pages into the database of the search engine.
    A new section is automatically sent to a search engine database when it is added.
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