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Real estate website development

Real estate website, or rather a catalog of real estate objects does not belong to the standard website-building projects, since it has its own functionality features and a number of important characteristics:

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  • It is designed to serve all visitors regardless of the load;
  • It is able to show items to full advantage, whether it is a photo description or a video review;
  • It shares reviews and characteristics, increasing the client's trust in what is happening;
  • It provides up-to-date information on prices;
  • It offers filter systems, making a choice simple and convenient;
  • It uploads objects to a message boards via API, FID file, besides automatic connection is available.

In addition to the above characteristics, a real estate catalog requires high-quality administrative development, with the help of which it is possible:

  • To add a real estate;
  • To add or extend characteristics of objects;
  • To upload multiple photos at one time by dragging and dropping, making work much easier;
  • It is convenient for a director of a real estate agency to add a new agent by filling out his profile information or allowing the agent to do it himself, to remove or block the agent, Let's say that the agent Fedor serves 97 objects and suddenly he can not continue working with you. In this case, for 2-3 clicks you can transfer its objects to another realtor. another agent;
  • To integrate with CRM, which will allow to maintain high-quality client base of a REA and to monitor processes online.

Our studio has a team of specialists who develop real estate website catalogs. Practical experience of implementation and deep understanding of preferences of real estate representatives help to focus attention of clients on the most key aspects of the futur site work.

It is important that when choosing our studio as a developer, a client rid themselves from a total control over an ongoing processes and can devote their time to content development for the future resource

Real estate site development takes from 2 to 6 months, but the more a client is involved in the process, the less time our studio needs for doing a job and delivering a project in a timely manner.

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