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Internet store development with online payment and 1C

Online store is a full-fledged sales department of any company


The right online shop is able to sell goods to a customer faster and better than regular employees do for a number of reasons:

  • It is designed to serve all visitors regardless of the load;
  • It is able to show items to full advantage, whether it is a photo, description or a video review;
  • It shares reviews and characteristics, increasing the client's trust in what is happening;
  • It provides up-to-date information about items in stock and prices;
  • It offers filter systems, making a choice simple and convenient.
However, not every online store meets modern requirements, which in fact can bring to nothing level of its conversion or, simply speaking, traffic efficiency.

Here are some problems that many developers do not take into account:

  • Pages are overloaded by extra functionality;
  • Helpful functions are not used, because a company uses a basic set of solutions, skipping trends;
  • Page loading speed is not optimized;
  • Site navigation does not go through a deep test-review before starting work, as the result it makes the site's work confusing and not effective.

Online stores by Webstyle really sell better

Online shop

Shops developed by Webstyle company have several key advantages and they are user-friendly for a final customer:

  • High loading speed of store pages allows a customer to save time;
  • Convenient access to sections and goods makes the search predictable by means of navigation;
  • Goods filter makes the selection process intuitive;
  • A catalog search was implemented with prompts and preliminary information output. Such services are used by Google and Yandex. Everyone is used to it and it is convenient;
  • A personal account is used to save a purchase history and search for goods, provide personal offers and work with wholesale buyers;
  • Mobile design provides the work of customers from portable devices;
  • The functions of billing legal entities and online payment to individuals are applied;
  • Specials and discounts are offered for sales acceleration;
  • There is an integration with 1C;
  • There is an integration with CRM
  • All the functionality works correctly, and nothing is missing;
  • There is an option to calculate shipping costs based on the location of a buyer.

Stages of development

The main stages of an online shop development include:

  • website homepage design;
  • design of internal catalog elements;
  • creation of product detail page;
  • site menu design;
  • development of detailed product review function;
  • administrator module;
  • establishment of feedback panel

Also, any platform where goods are placed for sale has main buttons. These include «Ordering», «Basket», «Registration». Other subsections are added at the request of a client.

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Demonstration of the functional

How the goods go to the basket

How search works with prompts

How to make an order in the online store

Online payment

How the product filter works in the online store

Questions / Answers

Online store with 1C successfully integrate. And the connection is permanent. The prices, the rests are updated. If you bought an item from an offline store, then the information goes to the site. Your customers will not be confused.

Does not break. The goods are sent to the reserve after successful payment.

Will be. Everything works fine. We have implemented projects, but for the site you need to purchase a separate device

Individuals can pay with a bank card, pay pal, Yandex.Money, etc. For legal entities, an account will be created with the stamp of your organization and a signature. To your client, the invoice will be sent to the mail in PDF with the requisites for the transfer, the list of goods. The sum is written in words and numbers

Yes. And the user will be able to register through the social network account. If your customer bought the product without registering, the personal cabinet will be automatically created for him and the data will be sent to the specified mail. You can keep your clients.

We will make several variants of prices. Wholesale buyers will see the value for them, and wholesalers can also be conditionally divided into "Silver, Gold, Platinum", giving each its own discount percentage.

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